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Database Development

Databases are an essential tool in handling the digital processes in your business. They are key to storing, organising and analysing your business' critical data, such as staff and customer records, accounts, payroll, inventory, etc.

Ventureside have long standing experience working with businesses to improve their data systems. Our team have created custom databases using a range of database engines such as MySQL and Oracle.

We can adapt existing databases, extract and migrate data from an old data system to a new one, or design new databases to fit with the applications your business uses.

  • Securely store data with restricted access to selected users.
  • Store data in one place, rather than in many spreadsheets or documents.
  • Create reports from the data stored to help with the running of your business.
  • Pull data from different data feeds (APIs).
  • Add e-commerce features to your database to increase revenue.
  • Store data in the cloud using providers like Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Storage.

Ventureside's Key Database Technologies


Microsoft SQL development

Microsoft SQL Server is a secure relational database management system that supports transaction processing,


MySQL Development

Our strategic expertise in PHP development translates into multi-tiered applications that perfectly align with your business strategy.



We transform your application portfolio with intuitive, feature-rich Java/J2EE applications that offer seamless experience and engagement.



We focus on building Python-based solutions that perform exceptionally according to the modern needs of the business.



Our powerful diagnostic tools and proven methodologies help us build ROR solutions that unleash value in a consistent manner.



With 67,7% on Statista, JavaScript remains the most popular and frequently used programming language in the world.


Postgre DB

Our strategic expertise in PHP development translates into multi-tiered applications that perfectly align with your business strategy.



Our strategic expertise in PHP development translates into multi-tiered applications that perfectly align with your business strategy.


How we can help

Ventureside unlocks the value of data by making it fast and easy to access anywhere. Ventureside queries data across any database, making it instantly actionable for data-driven organizations. With Ventureside, teams can lower the total cost of their infrastructure and analytics investments, prevent vendor lock-in, and use the existing tools that work for their business.

Ventureside, our flagship product, is built on an open source project, Trino (formerly known as PrestoSQL). The enterprise grade solution comes with higher performance, better connectivity, enhanced security, easier management, and 24x7 support.

Ventureside has raised $164 million in venture funding and we are hiring across all functions to support our massive growth!


Ventureside, a Leading Database Development Company:

We provide you with the following benefits:

  • Reduced data redundancy
  • Reduced updating errors and increased consistency
  • Greater data integrity and independence from applications programs
  • Improved data access to users through use of host and query languages
  • Improved data security
  • Reduced data entry, storage, and retrieval costs
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