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Automation Anywhere — An Enterprise Automation Platform

The digital world works with agility. In the new world, businesses focus on achieving speed and precision — in whatever task they perform — and pursuing data-driven growth leveraging the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology, an inherent part of digital transformation. Automation Anywhere is an enterprise Automation platform that sits at the forefront of the technology offering. 

Automation Anywhere combines intelligent automation and hyper automation capabilities to help businesses achieve actionable insights, eliminate process bottlenecks, increase productivity, and deliver enriched experiences to stakeholders. 

Automation Anywhere is a developer tool of robotic process automation software, which involves bots to complete a process. The tool combines conventional RPA with intellectual elements such as natural language processing and reading of unstructured data. The bots record actions that humans perform to complete repetitive tasks in nature and automate them, thus reducing human intervention. We help you harness the Automation Anywhere platform to drive maximum efficiency integrating automation and analytics throughout processes. 


Our Services


Robotic Process Automation

Our automation experts help businesses harness the Robotic Process Automation capabilities to identify process challenges and employ bots to structure business processes and make them error-free. We help you use robots to automate repetitive tasks, increase the processing speed, achieve 100% efficiency, and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


ERP Automation

Our experts enable you to automate your ERP systems to help achieve performance excellence throughout the processes. Right from attaining unparalleled speed in operations to delivering complete employee satisfaction and to improving compliance, controls, and auditability, our ERP automation strategies augment your ERP system’s capabilities across processes with reduced human intervention.


Enterprise Automation Services

We help businesses build the right strategies and roadmap towards automating and streamlining processes to deliver time-to-value. We put automation at the core of your digital transformation moves and help achieve robust workflow management. Our automation experts use tailored tools to evaluate and map enterprise automation needs in alignment with the organizational goals.


Intelligent Automation Solutions

We harness cognitive capabilities to help you build intelligent automation solutions that lean on AI and machine learning to continuously improve and evolve. We also embed real-time operational analytics and business intelligence to ensure decisions are result-oriented. Our automation experts blend automation with AI and leverage API-based integration to help you attain data-driven growth, tap into fresh opportunities, and increase productivity.


Intelligent Digital Workforce

We help companies successfully deploy the Automation Anywhere platform to create a flexible and scalable digital workforce and ensure on-demand availability. Our experts enable efficient human-to-bot collaboration to help you free up over half of the task time. We help you address automation friction points to create a more resilient digital workforce that can continue to achieve operational excellence, irrespective of crises such as COVID-19.


Smart Bot Development & Training

We help you democratise automation across the enterprise. We use Automation Anywhere web control room components to develop and train bots and infuse the required digital skillset to perform business tasks in line with the business goals. We empower bots to analyze the existing work patterns and establish the new ones ensuring complete efficiency.


Automation Anywhere

Enterprise RPA Platform

Enable scalable & responsive processes


Technologies to augment human performance

Smart Automation Technology

Execute SOPs with reduced human intervention

Intelligent Bots

Accelerate data growth with AI

Intelligent Document Processing

Structure the data to extract actionable insights

Digital Workforce

Distribute tasks to multiple computers



Existing systems and Assets



Experiences, Processes and Practices



Technology Infrastructure



Products and Business models


Why Should You Collaborate With Us?

  • A trusted Automation Anywhere partner
  • Reap maximised collaboration benefits concerning cost, capacity, and speed
  • Remain assured of faster implementation, seamless roll-outs, and 24*7 support and maintenance
  • Leverage a team of technology-agnostic people, certified developers, and industry-grade professionals
  • Choose from flexible engagement models, i.e., project-based, fixed-cost, and time and material
  • Harness a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) and build successful automation roadmaps
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