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Engineering Software Development

Engineering services come in all shapes and sizes. It can be a challenge to visualise complex mathematical calculations or data from sensors and precision engineering machines, but with the help ofVentureside, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have found a reliable and knowledgeable software partner.


Transform your engineering projects

Intelligent engineering software is a powerful tool that allows your business to operate more efficiently – and with fewer resources. We can help you simplify your access to complex data by building custom interfaces that visualise and analyse a wide range of complex inputs, from sensors, precision machines, files or just GUI input, and provide the relevant outputs, be it mathematical calculations, visualisations (graphs, 3D models or real-time display), mapping systems and much more.

How we can Help

Rewrite and modernise out-dated software:

Rewrite and modernise out-dated software often originally developed by hardware engineers. This often involves creating web and mobile apps, or even new desktop software (compatible with Windows and/or Mac) to create something intuitive and great looking to impress users and clients.

Visualise complex calculated data:

Visualise complex calculated data for providing information and insight to your organisation’s users or the general public.

Digitising a mathematical model for waste management:

We applied the Landfill Degradation and Transport (LDAT) numerical model to a commercial website, which allows users to access clear and structured online calculations of the degradation, bi-products and settlement of landfill waste.

Design engineering solutions:

Design engineering solutions using software interfaces that are fully aligned with your design processes, making them much more efficient.

Measure and analyse the performance:

Measure and analyse the performance of production and output, using systems that bring together composite or aggregated data from different sources.


Examples of work

We have had the opportunity to work with some brilliant clients on developing smart, fully customised engineering software.

These are some examples of our projects:

  • Visualising, tracking and monitoring ground movements
  • We worked with a geotechnical observation company to develop a system for monitoring the performance of ground and structures, which supports their whole cycle of structural design, construction and safety.

  • Visualising multi-phase flows
  • We created a complete flow metering system for energy solution provider allowing them to use a set of electromagnetic imaging techniques to measure and visualise various phases of energy flow in close detail.

  • Digitising a mathematical model for waste management
  • We applied the Landfill Degradation and Transport (LDAT) numerical model to a commercial website, which allows users to access clear and structured online calculations of the degradation, bi-products and settlement of landfill waste.

  • Air conditioning system design software
  • For Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, we developed a Windows desktop application that enables engineers to rapidly design complete air conditioning systems.

  • Barcode placement design software
  • We worked with Cognex, a solution provider for machine vision and barcode readers, to develop a system that supports the design of automated gantries and tunnels. The application allows their engineers to optimise the use and placement of barcode readers.

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We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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