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#VSteam and its home: Krakow

With more than numerous experienced software engineers we are well positioned to bring your initiative to the next level. Our experts come with tons of experience from sophisticated software projects, ranging from the product development for the next cool start-up to the strategic planning, ongoing mentoring and efficient delivery of a Digital Transformation on enterprise level.

Advantages of Near-shoring

Creating or expanding a project team has turned into a serious business challenge. Growth and technical innovation is nowadays limited by the ability to find the right people having the required skill set and fit to the team. Your project cannot wait? Break the chains of recruiting and unleash the efficiency of near-shoring!

The technical excellence of our engineering team will surprise you. Cultural mismatches or communication problems do not exist. All our team members are used to working in international and virtual project environments and are keen to contribute to our client’s success every day. Benefit from the unmatched flexibility and pricing efficiency that near-shoring stands for. Ask for our rate card today.


Strong in Methodology

Every successful software project is based on the consequent application of a set of methodologies. Some of these methodologies are particularly suited to projects using truly modern software concepts. This is the world we’re living in and these are the methodologies we support.


We Offer:

  • Reactive Architectures
  • Domain Driven Design approach
  • Agile development based on Kanban
Team Augmentation – get the Ball rolling

The simplest way to engage with VenturesSide is to complement your existing project team with our engineers and architects. They uplift the competence of the team from day one and contribute with skills that had been underrepresented or even missing before. There is just no other way to acquire additional resources with the same efficiency

Enjoy a flexibility that lets your business breathe. Reducing or increasing the number of VS Team members in your project is simple with viable notice periods. However, experience shows that we stay long, establishing ourselves as a trusted partner for years to come.


Other Service Engagement Models

But our service portfolio has even more to offer. Challenge us to tailor a service structure that supports your projects in the right way and closes the most critical gaps.

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Architecture and methodology consulting

Translating business requirements into a convincing technical answer, defining the system architecture and mentoring the team to embrace new software methodologies. It all starts with our Solution Architects and their outstanding competence.

Digital transformation and Cloud migration consulting

We learn our customer’s business before we tweak the IT. Digital Transformation means more than just new code. Such projects can be complex with winding paths to go. And how can it seamlessly go into production in the Cloud? Ventureside has the people, methodologies and experience to write your personal Digital Transformation success story.

Technology consulting and PoC delivery management

Lots of cool new stuff is going on in the software like DDD, Reactive, CQRS/ES, event-driven systems and Cloud-native design. We advise and mentor your teams about what’s appropriate in the project and how to apply the right tools correctly. So let’s try it out in a PoC and build a demo that rocks!

End-to-end project delivery

You have the project – we have the best team to deliver it. Together we can build something great, starting from an MVP to a production roll-out with full application support. Scalable, on time and on budget.

#VSteam – your Technical Expert

Software Engineering, Machine Learning and Advanced System Architectures are our passions. Over the years we have collected rich experience and excellence in a set of technologies that will do a perfect job in your project too.

Your teams are using one or more of such frameworks, languages or products? Then it’s time to get in contact with us and request your #VSteam members.


We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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  • Main Office: 63rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE, United Kingdom

  • Branch Office: 61 Bridge Street, Kington. HR5 3DJ, United Kingdom
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