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Why we use Rapid Application Development

The term Rapid Application Development (RAD) has become more generic since its earliest use in 1991, where the use of an iterative development style and the construction of prototypes was first considered. These days, it is widely used to describe the use of various techniques to speed up application development.

Since our inception in 1994, we have assessed and adopted various methods, tools and techniques to improve the service we provide for our customers.


Introducing Waterloo

Waterloo refers to a number of component parts that Ventureside has developed in house to speed up the development of common functionality in software systems. It consists of three main components, a project template, a scaffolding engine and a set of common libraries.

Project Template

The project template provides a well structured starting point for a new application, providing a well separated back end, consisting of front end WebAPI controllers, a domain layer where business logic resides and an infrastructure tier to deal with data persistence and versioning. It also provides a front end framework starter kit and a number of common aspects of any application such as user management, login, logout and session management etc.

Scaffolding Engine

The scaffolding engine provides developers with a powerful GUI based interface to quickly generate common screens and the related back end functionality for common functionality such as listing entities, sorting, filtering, adding, editing and related validation. In other words it automates the production of common/repetitive CRUD code allowing developers to spend more time developing the specific functionality of an application. The code generated by the scaffolder is high quality and not bespoke, meaning that any developer can pick it up and work with it without requiring the scaffolding engine or any bespoke components that require licensing.

Common Libraries

The set of common libraries provide common functionality such as messaging, validation, logging, file management and search.

Rapid Application Development Benefits


Quicker development times

We automate the coding of standard application functions like adding and viewing records, viewing lists of records, searching, and filtering and all general database interaction. This drastically reduces the time needed to build the application, resulting in earlier delivery.


Uncompromised planning

Just because we’re developing at speed, doesn’t mean we take short-cuts. We are careful to retain our personal touch and fastidious approach to planning. We combine our approach to prototyping with rapid application development tools to deliver a carefully crafted, complete blueprint for your new system or application.


Lower costs

Dispensing of the need to write basic code means you pay for less development time, therefore significantly reducing the overall cost of the project.


Standardised coding that eliminates bugs

Our automation tools use a standard process to create foundation code. This consistency eliminates bugs and makes it easier for the code to be supported long-term.

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