Automation Anywhere for RPA: Things You Should Know to Master Disruptive Performance

Automation Anywhere for RPA: Things You Should Know to Master Disruptive Performance

Automation is one of the fundamental disruptive technology forces that drives success and growth in the contemporary business environment. Perhaps this is why RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is one of the global enterprise software market segments that has been growing continuously.
With the automation benefits being mainly realised by many businesses worldwide, more and more companies seek enterprise RPA solutions to achieve excellence across endpoints. From streamlining business processes, improving workforce agility, building business scalability, reducing operational costs to increasing productivity, customer engagement, and eliminating communication bottlenecks, automation alone suffices for overcoming disparate modern business challenges. 

Let’s quickly understand how Automation Anywhere, an RPA platform provider, helps unlock opportunities for the digital workforce and how it trains the bots to automate repetitive tasks.

Automation Opportunities for Digital Workforces

The technology of RPA turns business supply chains as a key differentiator to enable: 

  • Improved productivity of the disparate business processes; 
  • Greater processing speeds to meet the demand of voluminous applications of a product and critical support for the product launch;
  • A bridgehead to automate work for short to medium requirements of strategic applications.
  • A quick response to fiscal or regulatory changes that demand additional manual processing

Business process outsourcing is the primary industry that uses automation to reduce operational costs, improve operational performance, and increase workforce capabilities.

RPA essentially helps in improving workforce productivity by automating repetitive tasks such as:

  • Collecting email attachments
  • Extracting PDF data and coping to Excel
  • Logging Excel data into web-based forms
  • Confirming the completion of processes via email

     Automation Anywhere

What is Automation Anywhere Platform? 

Automation Anywhere, a leading enterprise RPA platform, helps train bots so that they can assist in understanding the overview of the repetitive tasks. Once trained, we can deploy a bot to see how other bots are automating the tasks.

RPA bots work 24/7 with high accuracy, recording actions that the human workforce performs to complete a computer-based process and then replicate the recorded actions as many times as specified, with no human intervention.
Several different enterprise-level business processes, which involve managing data in other formats from various sources entered into the various client and desktop applications can be automated using RPA.

RPA Platform

The following are the types of bots used to automate business processes.

  • Task Bot
  • IQ Bot
  • Meta Bot

To automate business processes using Automation Anywhere platform, we can use the bots mentioned above. We can create and train the bots using Recorders and the Task Editor.

The recorders that help in automating the bots are :

  1. Screen Recorder:

    Screen Recorder is also known as a standard recorder. It provides the easiest way to create simple automation processes as it captures mouse clicks, keystrokes that are performed manually while completing a cycle.
  2. Smart Recorder: 

    Smart Recorder is also known as an object recorder. It is an advanced recorder that is ideal for desktop applications. Smart Recorder makes use of windows control actions such as text in drop-down menus, list boxes and buttons, the status of radio buttons and checkboxes, click Actions, and more.
  3. Web Recorder:

    It is used to record processes based on web applications and requires the extracted data from websites.

Task Editor in the Automation Anywhere Platform

Another essential feature of Automation Anywhere is Task Editor. It consists of hundreds of drag and drop commands and wizards. These commands are available in the editor window and enable the automation of any process without programming.

Task editor is also used to create an automated task manually from scratch.

The commands provided by the Automation Anywhere platform helps in automating and managing the task flow of bots.

The following are some of the Enterprise Client commands that are available for use:

  • Active Directory
  • App Integration
  • Clipboard
  • Comment
  • Database
  • Email Automation
  • Excel
  • Export Dataset
  • File/Folder
  • If-Else

Automation Anywhere has other commands that help train the bots to automate business processes. These commands are editable in Task Editor based on the value of variables. Each of the commands mentioned above has a sub-set of commands that perform different actions on the processes based on the variable specified.


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