6000+ Stores Worldwide, 50MN+ Products Sold, 1 Goal: Legacy Modernization

SAP ERP Implementation for a Leading Comfort Solutions Provider

Today’s enterprises depend on technology-based systems for business expansions, but their legacy systems lack scalability and deter growth. Our client was no different. Their outdated, overly complicated architectures were hindering growth and business agility. So, when they sought to integrate their legacy systems with new technologies to unlock scalability and unleash the potential for innovation, we helped them seize every means of sustainable growth.

Key Challenges

1- To grow unfettered in today’s competitive landscape, the need for newer, faster, and more efficient IT systems is undeniable. However, our client’s entrenched legacy systems were hindering their ambition to expand in US markets. After many years of manufacturing products in Asia, the company had decided to build a manufacturing facility for domestic production. But, the plan hit a roadblock as their legacy systems had become increasingly inefficient, time-consuming, costly to maintain, and failed to support expansion at scale. They required new IT systems to enable modernised shop floors for optimum production and growth.

2- Our client’s existing scale of operations was highly discrete. With no real-time analytics, tracking, or monitoring, managing manufacturing processes efficiently was challenging. The lack of supply chain visibility hindered informed decision-making and negatively impacted productivity and resilience, putting crucial business investments at risk.

Our client is a leading industry expert in delivering comfort solutions around the world. Having sold over 50 million high-quality mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers, the company demonstrates an unflagging commitment to delivering comfort and improving the well-being of its customers holistically.

Our Solutions

Our client saw a unique opportunity to expand manufacturing to the US and capture new market revenues. However, their legacy systems weren’t able to support their expansion plans. They turned to us for our deep manufacturing expertise and approach to modernise their legacy systems. We analyzed the complexities of the existing systems and developed a strategic roadmap to fuel the transformation. We chose SAP’s intelligent ERP for integrating end-to-end business processes in order to increase efficiency, resilience, and adaptability to meet evolving challenges head-on. Additionally, we delivered high-quality digital mobility solutions using SAP Fiori to deliver personalised mobile experiences, simplify shop floor data management, and optimise productivity.

We also provided System Hosting and Application Management by Amazon Web Services to host our client’s applications online and enable seamless management while eliminating risks, latencies, and costs. Our solutioning ensured blazing fast performance, dynamic UI experience, and higher levels of reliability.

Our team integrated ShipERP, a fully-integrated SAP enterprise shipping solution, with the digital core to empower supply chain management. ShipERP enabled visibility across end-to-end sales channels and delivered real-time insights to monitor shipment manifesting, tracking and rate shopping. Our implementation optimised processes, influenced strategic decision-making, and steered the business towards continued success.



Business Benefits

  • Delivered an integrated view of the business ecosystem under budget and on time without disruption to business operations
  • Increased productivity and reduced load times
  • Enabled agile responsiveness to adapt to disruptions
  • Improved business planning
  • Shortened time-to-market while cutting operating costs
  • Multiplied sales and ROI


Project Outcomes

95% Operations integrated within a high-capacity ship management system


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