80+ Years of Legacy $6.5 Billion in Revenue 1 Goal: Automate Workflows to Achieve Performance Excellence

Making Manufacturing Intelligent with SAP MII

Modern manufacturers yearn to build smart factories, but the lack of channelised processes and conventional operations handling create bottlenecks. So, when our client wanted to attain increased interoperability between shop-floor systems and tools and backend ERP systems, we knew they needed a changeover from conventional to technology-driven collaborative manufacturing. We helped them incorporate intelligence, automate workflows, and integrate data to achieve operational excellence and increase productivity.

Key Challenges

1- Conventional, manual- and paper-based handling of operations and the execution of tasks increased the shop-floor turnaround time and person-hour accuracies. A deluge of unstructured plant data and lack of harmonization in processes and procedures impacted productivity.

2- operations and lack of shop-floor visibility led to inefficient decision-making and obstruct production. The client found it challenging to measure and monitor KPIs and build core competencies.

3- Non-collaboration between plants, enterprise business processes, systems, employees, and applications created a fragmented environment and increased operational costs. Lack of integration further increased the deepness of complexities.

Headquartered in New York, our client is a global leader in silicones, resins, and advanced materials. With over 80 years of legacy and more than 9000 workers, the client delivers science-based solutions to different business sectors, including real estate, electronics, automotive, oil and gas, consumer goods, and personal care.

Our Solutions

We implemented the SAP MII application to automate end-to-end manufacturing workflows and increase productivity. We incorporated technology intelligence, enabled computer-integrated manufacturing, and facilitated the transition from conventional to digital to reduce dependency on the workforce and achieve maximum accuracy throughout processes. We leveraged SAP MII tools to create reusable components, POCs, and MVPs. Our experts further helped integrate enterprise-wide information flow with processes and augment analytical capabilities, which empowered the workforce to reduce turnaround times, create predictive models, identify process bottlenecks, avoid downtimes, and benchmarking their performance.

Harnessing the manufacturing integration and intelligent application designed by SAP, we helped the client build role-based, centralised dashboards to see through the processes in real-time and efficiently monitor and measure the KPIs. Our SAP experts re-engineered the manufacturing processes and helped create user-configurable reports. Hence, we helped enhance the workforce's reporting and decision-making abilities, increase shop-floor visibility, augment core-competencies, and attain performance excellence. Besides, we also created a standard interface that supported real-time interaction and displayed the integrated enterprise data.

We enabled vertical and horizontal integration and created a bidirectional data hub, facilitating synchronous communication. We helped the client lean on SAP MII to harness technologies such as IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to integrate shop-floor tools and systems with manufacturing processes and help the client improve OEE. We empowered them to practice full-fledged connected and collaborative manufacturing by harmonizing plants, applications, systems, and ERP through data integration and advanced GUI tools that drive an intelligent supply chain.



Business Benefits

  • 100% monitoring, tracking, and traceability
  • Increased productivity and sales cycle time
  • Optimised operations and enabled real-time reporting
  • Facilitated synchronous communication
  • Enhanced OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Consolidated data and information source
  • Helped attain hyper-connected manufacturing


Project Outcomes

Outcomes included Over 75% reduction in manual- and paper-based works


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