700,000 Online Products, 32 Countries, 1 Goal: Resilient System Integration

Integration Drives the Future of Retail for a Global Leader in Branded Merchandise

Being successful enough to have 700,000 online products is fantastic until you need to implement changes that will ensure global outreach. So, when our client wanted to be at the forefront of industry innovation, develop customised retail strategies, grow their businesses and networks, drive tangible business results with new technology, and achieve competitive standardization, we knew that this particular solution was going to redefine the future of retail.

Key Challenges

1- Though our client had adopted integration to realise its vision of being a truly digital enterprise, there were several touchpoints, which weren’t hitting the value mark and creating order management headaches.

2- Many of the old integrations weren’t running appropriately, which led to system downtimes and recurrent order cancellations. This impacted customer service quality and threatened brand value. Our client was also fearful of losing their hard-earned business to their competitors.

Our client is a global leader in branded merchandise. With an operational network spanning over 32 countries and dynamic website housing over 700,000 products, the company is focused on fulfilling the promotional wishes and needs of its end customers, and redefining the nuances of online brand exposure for its retail clients.

Our Solutions

Since our client needed a consistent integration layer to set things in order on the order fulfillment side, we found an apt solution to achieve this after carefully researching and discovering the requirements of the systems. We implemented webMethods Triggers to retry the failing integrations and filled the lacunas across supply chains to reach an ideal workflow consistency—exactly what the client needed. Our methodical approach was instrumental in ensuring better management of orders, reducing downtimes drastically, and stabilizing workflows.

To redo the faulty integrations and make sure that functional expandability is achieved, we chose Integration Server, MWS, and Trading Networks as the webMethods components for providing an effective solution. This wasn’t only helpful in streamlining the integrations for better agility, but also in providing a system which was scalable enough to easily map new digital processes and meet the demands of new-age customers. Our client also gained real-time data visibility into the systems, which was pivotal in accelerating decision-making and preemptive IT maintenance. It was a troika win in terms of speed, performance, and delivery.



Business Benefits

  • Shortened order management cycle
  • Enhanced end-to-end system traceability
  • Improved customer experience and brand trust
  • Increased sales revenue
  • Reduced risks and operational costs


Project Outcomes

80% Reduction in failed transactions


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