$36.61BN Net Worth 2000+ Retail Touchpoints 1 Goal: Agile CX

An Agile-CX Transformation Drives Success for a Leading NBFC

Automating commercial loan operations is critical to creating an agile customer experience. So when our client wanted to digitalise their manual, process-intensive physician lending processes and accelerate the lending process for doctors, we rose to the challenge to deliver a simple, fast, customer-friendly process.

Key Challenges

1- Our client was struggling to access, manage, study, and calibrate data owing to the lack of an integration solution. The whole workflow management was severely affected by siloed data, inefficiencies, and lack of central visibility, which drove our client to a choke point.

2- Absence of an integration solution proved kryptonite for seamless data delivery and real-time decision-making. Since data wasn’t available instantly and insights couldn’t be derived in real-time, our client failed to act nimbler.

3- Inefficient data delivery weakened the communication processes and speed at scale. Systems on the ships weren’t able to communicate with shore applications, and various teams found it difficult to coordinate. This affected service value and customer experience at large.

Our client is the US-based largest cruise line in the world, owning a fleet of 26 ships that offers vacation tours at sea and ashore to millions of passengers every year. With operating extensive voyages across the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Barbados, and registering an annual turnover of $17.5 billion, our client is a floating pride, making waves world over.

Our Solutions

Our client wanted to transform their semi-manual, paper-based physician lending process into an operationally efficient, customer-centric, future-ready automated system. To drive their digital agenda forward, we built a robust backend system based on a microservices framework that interfaces with their customer relationship management and financial statement analyzer systems. Our team implemented a range of feature improvements to automate end-to-end physician lending processes, shorten approval and disbursement lifecycles, and increase speed to value. Our innovative solution enabled a complete transformation and helped them improve their omnichannel reach and customer experience. It also expanded our client’s prospect/customer reach across multiple channels, enabling them to offer hassle-free loans on the move and improving customer engagement and retention.

Our comprehensive third-party API integration strategy created a unified ecosystem of services for our client’s customers. All the data is now captured within this ecosystem, making it accessible across systems and empowering our clients to handle all use cases efficiently and at the pace of business.



Business Benefits

  • Digitalised the physician lending process end-to-end
  • Shortened the loan processing and disbursement lifecycle
  • Improved customer experience
  • Expedited sales
  • Increased revenue and brand footprint


Project Outcomes

200% Increase in Market Engagement & 50%Increase in Project Delivery Speed


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