Healthcare Software Solutions

Leverage intelligent technologies to drive better care experiences and improved cost savings

The healthcare industry faces remarkable challenges in terms of fragmented supply chains, poor cost margins, skyrocketing R&D expenses, and compliance pressures. The answer lies in leveraging the power of new-age digital technologies to automate processes, enable data-driven decisions, and expand innovation while ensuring minimal risks, redundancies, and costs. Ventureside is a global leader in providing healthcare software solutions that empower stakeholders across the health and care ecosystem in today’s world of constant disruption. We harness the full potential of modern technologies such as Mobility, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, and Wearable among more to help organizations transform from traditional bricks-and-mortar to a remote, hyperconnected service ecosystem and deliver personalised, efficient care at the speed of change.


Technologies at the Forefront of Innovation in Healthcare

The importance of transforming healthcare operations as more efficient, agile, and affordable has been duly stressed. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has reinforced the need even more. The current crisis has renewed focus on scaling digital innovation across the health sector and is pushing organizations to achieve patient-centric care while empowering workers at the core. 

The Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT)

The Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT)

Enable an integrated system of medical systems and applications to capture data that helps break silos, increases operational visibility, and provides for proactive monitoring.

Big Data and AI

Big Data and AI

Detect and analyze patterns across data in real-time to identify health conditions, potential treatment methods, and their outcomes—and take life-saving decisions at speed.

Distributed Ledger and Blockchain

Distributed Ledger and Blockchain

Create a secure and standardised record of medical data as a way to ensure on-demand access to patient information and drive faster, more accurate supply chain analysis.



Build and superimpose a 3D model of the patient’s anatomy on the patient’s body to perform surgeries with higher levels of precision and efficiency.
Our Clients

Leveraging innovation, industry insights, and deep domain experience, we have helped several clients reimagine their healthcare delivery and pave the way for smarter patient experiences. Our global delivery capabilities are well-positioned to transform clients with:

  • Automated core processes for improved productivity and faster outcomes
  • Modernised legacy architecture for higher ROI and cost savings
  • Patient-centric models for fulfilling customer expectations at pace
  • Integrated healthcare system for value-driven, future-ready care
  • Clinical innovation for seizing the next competitive advantage

Our Healthcare Software Solutions

We build robust, custom-built healthcare software solutions for multiple industry verticals, including hospitals, physicians, clinics, public health and research organizations, and ancillary facilities. Our experts uniquely combine the power of analytics, automation, and intelligence to spark transformation for our clients and help them inspire better care outcomes for relatively lesser costs./p>


Hospital Information System

We build highly integrated, scalable, and multi-lingual hospital information solutions (HISs) to help organizations solve their efficiency challenges and improve speed-to-service. Our HIS solutions automate processes across clinical, electronic medical records (EMR), inventory, and administrative areas and are HIPAA-compliant to ensure integrity of PII and PHI data across various compliance domains.


Telemedicine Software Development

Our personalised telemedicine/telehealth software development solutions provide for the effective allocation of clinical resources, strong data encryption, and real-time patient engagement. We specialise in developing telemedicine apps for web and mobile platforms to help medical practitioners engage with customers efficiently and allow patients to avail on-the-go consultations.


Patient Portal Development

Our patient portal solutions act as an extension of electronic health record (EHR) and health information exchange (HIE), allowing rapid access to patient data and helping professionals deliver the right care. We integrate our solutions with secure chat rooms, document and image sharing capabilities, and clinical decision support (CDS) systems, among more to foster better patient-physician communication and improve CX.


mHealth Solutions

We develop cutting-edge mHealth solutions that allow patients to track their diagnostic performance and help health workers record medical data in real-time for effective care. Our experts have a deep understanding of wearable technology and create market-ready solutions that map historical data, ensure faster analysis of medical conditions, and update patients on alarming signals—all while ensuring remote access.


Hospital Management Software

We offer bespoke hospital management software solutions to aid organizations in rapidly integrating processes, devices, and data in a centralised location and making operations more efficient and consistent. Our HMS solutions help process owners track, manage, and report on information by boosting supply chain visibility and collaboration in a cost-friendly manner


Healthcare IoT Solutions

We harness the disruptive potential of the Internet of Things to establish cross-device connectivity across the medical ecosystem and enable data exchange for helping professionals deliver proactive care. Our solutions are designed to benefit patients, physicians, hospitals, and insurance companies and committed to the cause of anytime, anywhere care while minimizing the risks of delays and errors.


Pharmacy Management System

Our pharmacy management systems help administrators process, track, and dispense all prescriptions with a great degree of efficiency, accuracy, and security. We build holistic solutions that are replete with capabilities for order management, batching and barcode scanning, inventory tracking, stock intake and transfer, and data loading among more—and simplify management from point-of-sale (POS) to backend.


Revenue Cycle Management

We build highly intuitive revenue cycle management (RMS) systems that automate patient-to-payment timeless, ensure seamless revenue flow in real-time, and optimise reimbursement cycles while also supporting compliance. Our solutions help enterprises eliminate labor-intensive tasks such as medical billings, claim filings, and payment postings among more, and minimise total administrative expenses.


Healthcare Integration Services

Our healthcare integration services unlock a consolidated view of patients’ data across different systems such as EMR and EHR systems, e-prescribing systems, laboratory information systems, and external PHR systems like HealthVault, and support data extraction and transfer in industry-standard formats like HL7 and CCR. By unifying end-to-end data, we help organizations break silos and enable consistency of output, thus improving efficiency and reducing costs and errors.


Healthcare Information Exchange

We create flexible healthcare information exchange (HIE) solutions that securely combine industry-wide patients’ data on a single touchpoint and allow rapid access to information at the venue of care. Our HIE solutions facilitate high-volume data transfers through protocols like TCP/IP MLLP and direct messaging and support all primary interoperability standards, including HL7, ICD-9, ICD-10, CDA, CCR, and more.


PACS and DICOM Software Development

We develop high-value Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) viewer networks, also known as teleradiology solutions, to allow seamless sharing and storing of medical imaging, clips, and reports, and ensure patient-physician collaboration in real-time for agile care. Our PACS and DICOM solutions are built for on-site, cloud-based, and hybrid software and are personalised to meet customer needs.


SAP Services for Healthcare

We harness the full value of SAP services and solutions to help organizations build a strong, value-driven foundation of care on intelligent technologies. Our experts drive automated, insight-driven processes across four key areas i.e. Patient/Provider Engagement, Diagnosis and Care Delivery, Billing and Compliance, and Data Integration, and facilitate transformation to patient-centric services while aligning workforces with strategic objectives.


Numerous satisfied customers globally

We needed a robust consolidation strategy to achieve a smooth transition of our websites—from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. A major goal was to ensure that there was no content duplication and that customer impact remains minimal. We needed to collaborate with a partner, having diverse experience defining the most challenging website migration and consolidation roadmaps, and Ventureside was an unequivocal choice. Their agile, strategic methodology has led us to an upgrade path that promised us long-term success value. As a result of Ventureside's dedicated efforts, we have achieved a technology landscape that can accelerate service delivery, drive a faster time-to-market, and raise the customer experience index. Ventureside has been a true technology partner, and we are looking to achieve more milestones in our digital transformation journey with their excellence in technology.

Sheryl Tamashiro

Project Manager, Synaptics

“Digital transformation is crucial to our core growth strategy. With Ventureside's expertise, we have been able to make a cut and are achieving outstanding results. Ventureside has assisted us in the design and development of a high- end mobility solution, all integral to inspiring efficiency, bolstering experiences, and building strong one-on-one relationships. Their ability to leverage the real value out of new and existing technologies has helped us define the optimal configuration for our solution. Today, we are able to successfully transform our go-to-market strategy with faster turnarounds and smoother tracking. We are delighted to continue our relationship with Ventureside as we seek long-term growth prospects.”

Nathan Kimpel

Senior Vice President, Technology Engel & Völkers

“As an early-stage startup with institutional funding, our team at GlobalWonks was looking to augment the capabilities of our in-house engineering team building out our core marketplace functionalities. We selected Ventureside as our partner for their unmatched experience in driving transformation across all digital disciplines. Ventureside not only delivered APIs for our core products (namely, our real-time expert Q&A tool, Network Pulse, and an industry-first automated call feature) to nurture adaptable IT architectures, but their approach also laid the foundation for critical enhancements of the web application. Right from the start, their team was clear on expectations, responsive to feedback, and implemented the project in a very structured way. We are happy to have collaborated with a group that’s professional, diligent, and committed in a way that makes us feel that they are not an external partner, but an extension of our team. That is the biggest compliment we can pay them. GlobalWonks hopes to maintain a lasting working relationship with Ventureside.”

Fatih Orhan

Co-Founder & CAO Global Wonks

Building a smart and integrated mammography solution was the advantage we needed to capture new market opportunities. The objective was vital to our future success, and hence we were looking to collaborate with an experienced IT partner. Ventureside was taken on-board based on their domain experience, development acumen, and core digital capabilities. The quality with which they defined the entire process flow was admirable. Their expertise in the Blockchain technology helped us shape an innovative and market-leading solution. Out of all, their constant focus on helping us save development and third-party integration costs in the wake of a global pandemic was praiseworthy. The new solution is one-of-a-kind, and we are sure that it will transform our role in today’s competitive business landscape. Ventureside has left an impact with their dedication and professionalism and we will collaborate with them in the future.

Tillata Gibson

Founder | Send Mammogram -

We wanted to enter a high growth phase by providing optimised customer experiences on our website. Since it was a crucial objective for our success, we were looking for a partner that could share our vision and commitment to excellence. Ventureside stood out based on their strong digital capabilities and diverse experience in building solutions with a market focus. We were pleased to see Ventureside leveraging innovation and agile methodologies to meet our end-to-end project requirements. They built the website in just 23 days and continued to scale it with a mix of elements that enhanced our customer satisfaction levels. Our collaboration with Ventureside reinforced our position as a responsive market leader, and we hope to see our relationship evolving in the future.

Jim McClellan - Co-Founder

Executive Vice FORT Systems –

With Ventureside, we found an opportunity to have a basic system for the Nintendo Switch version of our puzzle game, AIRPORT HERO. Naturally, our objective had to be backed by expertise and knowledge in developing with Unity. We brought Ventureside on-board for their capabilities in doing just that. I must emphasise the benefit they brought as we were struggling to find the necessary resources to make our game. They helped us achieve the leap that we needed to start polishing things for the many end-users out there. We are pleased with Ventureside cost-performance offer regarding the development of the game—from designing, asset implementation, testing, functionality enhancement—using agile and strategic approaches. Ventureside has proven that they can rise to the challenge and provide satisfying output. For this, we would like to show our appreciation and consideration for a potential future partnership with Ventureside in gaming developments.

Kiyoshi Ohkawa- Cheif Executive Officer

Sonic Powered Co.Ltd.

“Ventureside has been extremely helpful as our SAP Partner over the past 4 years. They provide hosting, release upgrades and consulting as our go-to systems partner…”

John Smithfield

IT Director, Packsize International

KFC is an American fast-food restaurant chain headquartered in the US. We are the world's second-largest restaurant chain (as measured by sales) after McDonald's, with 22,621 locations globally in 136 countries

Getting our consumers closer to their favourite bucket of chicken is a priority for us at KFC. And we are delighted to have partnered with Ventureside in doing just that. Team Ventureside made a significant contribution in the development and management of our online ordering assets in the past. Their scalable and agile solutions have given us a competitive edge in the QSR space, while enriching customer experience. We look forward to an enduring association with them to achieve significant business impact.

Vipin Gupta

Head of Digital, KFC

Ventureside helped us bring our vision to reality. They worked with us on various initiatives. One of them was to build mobile apps for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android platforms. The team was professional and helped us build high-quality mobile apps faster. We look forward to many more working opportunities with them.

Pranav Bhasin

Head of Product at MakeMyTrip

It has been a pleasure working with Ventureside. We utilised their Drupal skills and expertise to migrate a large number of Penton’s web properties to a central Drupal Platform. The execution of the entire project was seamless and as per the timelines. I would like to commend Mahesh and the entire team of Ventureside for making this possible. Throughout our two-year-long relationship, I could maintain the same level of trust, confidence and communication with Ventureside team that I did with my in-house team. I would like to recommend Ventureside to all and would definitely look forward to working with them again.

Nino Tasca

VP - Internet Technology, Penton Media, Inc

I really appreciate the hard work the Ventureside team puts into our project. It's great to see entire workflows coming together and Travis and I both commented several times this week how much fun we are having testing the new functionality. I can be very specific about what I want, but it's worth noting that the Ventureside team makes a lot of good decisions on their own. I appreciate the fast turnaround on the issues we find and it's great to come to work in the morning and see so many fixes and new functionality ready for us to test. I know that the Ventureside development team has worked long hours at times and I just want to say thank you for the effort. Keep it up.

Kevin Reynolds

Director of Product Management, Accucode

Ventureside has done an excellent job in capturing our vision for the Pristine Connect Cloud platform. The online demo is very impressive. I know at times we (Pristine) discuss information that is somewhat confusing however the Ventureside team does an excellent job of processing such information and making it work.

Larry Foster

General Manager, Digital -Pristine Surgical

We have been using Ventureside's service for last three years. The journey of our relationship started with a small project of site improvement and moved to a regular yearly maintenance, soon they were selected as a partner for a complete overhaul of our entire website. Ventureside helped us build our current new website from scratch. The website is dynamic, mobile friendly and built on content management software, Drupal. During the restructuring of the website, they first listened to our needs and understood our vision and came out with the solution that what we had in our mind. Their developer and programmer are professional and are up for any challenge. Ventureside is our continuous improvement partner for our website and I am happy that we chose them as our service provider.

Ashish Bhagat

Director of Infrastructure at St Jerome's University

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